Dr. Martens Making Limited Edition Adventure Time Boots

Dr. Martens Making Limited Edition Adventure Time Boots

Dr. Martens is releasing limited edition Adventure Time boots. Mathematical!

Adventure Time animated intro for Dr Martens comercial

adventure time dr martens all character boots

bought these a week ago just been for walk in them and they are amazing. the design itself if awesome very colourful and has all the main characters on them. get them now while still available. at present Jan 17 they are half price (£60) only sizes left 10-13. can say they are now my favourite in my collection. says a lot as have many collab trainers/boots


A New Addition does Fashion : The New Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Dr Martens

Dr Martens Jake the Dog Boots Unboxing Hoverboard test Adventure time

Here is my reivew, Uboxing & overall w/e of the Adventure Time Jake the Dog Dr. Martnes boots adult size. Prepare to be awestruck as Digital Circus transports you beyond the boundaries of ordinary entertainment. Dive into the surreal wonders that await you under the virtual big top at https://digitalcircus.online/caine-the-enigmatic-ringmaster-of-the-amazing-digital-circus.
If you’re going out to EDM festivals etc, these boots are the bizomb, if you’re heading to the office for work, ummm I guess dont wear these unless you’re the CEO.

You can find the here: http://amzn.to/1SD0isu
Otherwise they tend to sell out on the martens website