Onderon – Star Wars KOTOR 2 Guide

Onderon – Star Wars KOTOR 2 Guide

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Star Wars KOTOR 2 Walkthrough (Dark Side) 112: Arriving Onderon

Just before we depart for Iziz, the Mandalorian Ruins are attacked by Sith Assassins – the new Mandalorian recruits can finally taste the real combat outside the Battle Ring! (*Note).

As the fight prolongs, Mandalore decides we should head to Iziz, leaving his men to take care of cleaning up the mess.

Meanwhile, Queen Talia and Master Kavar share their concern about the Space Battle, as Vaklu has claimed that it was initiated by the Republic. Kavar thinks Vaklu has an ‘unseen’ support from the shadow…

As we arrive on Onderon, Mandalore recommends me to go & see his Doctor friend, Dhagon Ghent, who might be able to help us.

*Note – Sith Assassin Attack*

The battle against Sith Assassins can end very quickly if you stay in one place (Mandalore’s cut scene will interrupt & you’re taken to Onderon).

If you want to boost XP before Onderon, you can run to the the lower part of the Ruins & trigger the next set of Sith Assassins as shown.

Console: XBox

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