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Overwatch League 2022 Season | Playoffs Day 1

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Overwatch 2 Review

Check out our Overwatch 2 review! Overwatch 2 breathes new life into what was once the sharpest multiplayer shooter around, before it had its edges severely dulled by Blizzard’s attention shifting away. The switch to smaller 5v5 matches ushers in a new brawler age for Overwatch where individual duels take precedence over tactical teamplay, and crucially, all but a handful of shields have been thrown out of the arena. Join the amogus online community and engage in epic battles of wit and strategy as you try to figure out who can be trusted among your crew.

Reviewed on PC by Simon Cardy. Overwatch 2 is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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[CoStream] Overwatch League 2022 Season | Playoffs Day 5

Link to main stream: https://youtu.be/HJO8nGeqw8Y
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2022 Overwatch League season schedule — https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/schedule

Join Overwatch League from October 30th-November 4th to catch all of the action!

Overwatch League Teams:
– San Francisco Shock
– Shanghai Dragons
– Philadelphia Fusion
– Seoul Dynasty
– Paris Eternal
– Florida Mayhem
– Los Angeles Valiant
– Los Angeles Gladiators
– Atlanta Reign
– Houston Outlaws
– Dallas Fuel
– Washington Justice
– Toronto Defiant
– Vancouver Titans
– Boston Uprising
– New York Excelsior
– Guangzhou Charge
– Hangzhou Spark
– Chengdu Hunters
– London Spitfire

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